The Salient Features of the Costs Estimation Software / Costing Software


Generating Costing for Manufacturers (Finished Product)

Just type Easy data entry for various input screens and you will get for the following


Costing Report for Each Raw Materials


Costing Report for Each Component from Raw Materials


Costing Report for Each Finished Products


Costing Report for various Wastages in %


Costing Report for Labor / Service



Know Costing for Labor Contractors (Site work)


The costing software is very easy to use and multi user, the job costing software can be made tailor made costing software as per client's requirements. The Cost Tracking Software gives complete details of the particular finished product in terms of Raw materials used, time consumed, labor work like packing costs, break up of the raw materials, components of the finished products and moreover even its break up.



The screen shots below show an example of a TABLE being made here with its sub category wise like computer table, round table etc and the components used to make such table and with its bifurcations.Moreover along with the components, the raw material used during the process is also shown in the screen shots.The main menu of the raw material in the main menu and if one click the main menu he will see the records under that and the data entry screen is also shown how to input the data for the raw material In the Cost Tracking Software.The price lists and the history of records are also shown here so as to get the real picture of the production process involved in making of the finished products.


The Cost Estimating Software is very minute and it tracks and keep the updated information of the production and manufacturing departments.


Our Screen Shots of Cost Estimation Software also called Project Cost Tracking Software:


Main Menu Screen of Costing Software

Main Menu Master Screen of Costing Management Software

Finish Master Main Menu Screen of costing management software
Main Menu Finished Master Records Screen of Project Management Software


Main Menu Finished Master Data Entry Screen of cost estimating software

Main Menu Finished Master Data Entry Screen of


Main Menu Raw Material of project costing software

Main Menu Raw Material Master Screen


Costing Software

Raw Materials Records Master Screen


Raw Materials Data Entry Screen of civil Engineer Software

Raw Materials Data Entry Screen.

Finish Type Records of Cost estimating software

Finish Type Records Master Screen.


Finished Product Break Up Info Screen of project costing software

Finished Product Break Up Info Screen

Breakups and Price List

Breakups and Price List Data Entry Screen.

Quotation Data entry Screen of contractor Software

Quotation Data Entry Screen.


Quotation Print Out Screen of Production costing Software

Quotation Print Out Screen



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