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The Salient Features of Health Care Membership Software


The Gymnasium Software manages the members and the administration of the fitness center. The Fitness Software takes over the complete control of the whole administration of the gymnasium in terms of Admission fees, Locker fees Steam fees, etc and etc. The Health Care Software is very easy to use and user friendly. The Gymnasium Accounting Software creates the master of the Members,Term masters,Admission master, and so on.


The Club membership Software is highly automatic software which incorporates the varied data entries of a particular member only once so as to give timely reports at any point of time. The Receipt entry of a member is the readymade in the sense the end user has nothing to get worried to input the different data again as he has to feed only one code number which is assigned to the every member by the software at the time of creating the master. He has just to feed the number of the months for the amount of the fees to be get paid. The code number i.e. registration number identifies the name of the member which gives the complete history regarding its payments towards his membership.


The Gym software gives the timely reports for the daily collections, paid fees reports, outstanding and unpaid fees reports of each and every members. The reports also can be bifurcated by the head wise, student wise and even the month wise too.The Software prints the receipts to be given to the person who makes the payments at the office and this can be customized by the software itself its design, layouts and templates. The Receipt printout may be simple receipt directly from the printer or it may get printed on the pre printed receipt voucher made by the service provider.i.e fitness center.


The Software is easy to use and multi user, The Software can also goes beyond which might include some other exclusive features like annual day celebrations fees, Inauguration, invitations, seminars, sports and other activities too. Not only it covers the data entries of the above events but can go in to in depth analysis and reports and final feedback so as to make control over them in terms of timely budgets and proper planning's.


The Club Membership software can be downloaded free as per the request for the demo send by you through e mails.


Our Screen Shots of Gymnasium Fitness Management Accounting Software:

Gymnasium Software

Member Master Data Entry Screen.


Main Menu Screen of Health Care Software
Main Menu Master Member Highlighted Screen.



Membership Fee Data Entry Screen of Gymnasium Software

Membership Fee Data Entry Screen.


Other Services Data Entry Screen of Club membership Software

Other Services Data Entry Screen.

Receipt Voucher Data Entry Screen of Fitness software

Receipt Voucher Data Entry Screen.


Member Active Report Screen of fitness Management Software

Member Active Report Screen


Member Ledger Report Screen of Club Membership Software

Member Ledger Report Screen



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