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The Salient features of Weaving Fabric Software/ Yarn ERP Software


    Purchasing Yarn, Processing, Dyeing and Stitching Fabric for Garments, The Inventory Stock Yarn Software Working is state under below:


    The Textile Knitting software allows to do Data Entry of Purchasing Yarns such as example of Items : 0/30 COMBED HOSIERY AUTO CONED, 1/30 P/C 20/80 (92121), 30 100% COTTON SEMI COMBED, 75/34 SD RW NIM 1ST with the following details of Manufacturer Name, Commission Agent and the item details with GST Invoicing.


    The Textile Knitting software knits the Yarn and stores into Inventory of different knitting rolls available in KGS(.After the First Process of Purchasing Yarns, the Textile Knitting software avails for the second process to do Processing of Knitting Rolls for enable 70% Cotton and 30% Polyester. It is available for custom made also.)


    When the Second Process is complete the Rolls is generate with the following Automatic Numbers. such as 100, 101, (5 kgs) and it is stores in Inventory for Rolls (Available) and deducting Yarns from Inventory Stock, The Textile Knitting Inventory software calculate in Inventory Stock in KGS.

    The Third Process is of Dyeing work from rolls in to fabrics given for the job work to convert in to fabrics

    The Tracking of inventory of rolls are also maintained and against that the stock of the finished product that is fabric are also tracked in the software.


Main Menu Screen of Knitting Yarn Software

Main Menu Screen of Knitting Yarn Software


    The Textile Knitting software allows to submit the following Dyeing Jobs from Rolls to Fabric. it keeps a track of Inventory for Rolls with the Supplier (Job), Balance wise, Date-wise Wastage wise with the following percentage.

    When the Third Process is ready The Textile Knitting software will kept ready for Fabric Inventory and it is available for Sales.The Textile Knitting software makes the overall process ready, efficient, Daily Reminder keeping a track of Inventory Stock items, Outstanding Dues Payable's and Receivable, Purchase Reports, Sales Reports, Job Work wise Reports, Job Order wise Reports, Balance job wise Reports, Accounting Ledgers so on.

    Yarn Software Purchase Data entry Screen

    Yarn Software Purchase Data entry Screen 



    The Textile Knitting software is user friendly, Safe, while other Vendor Software's fails for keeping Inventory Stock Yarns, Inventory Stock Rolls, Inventory Stock Fabrics and unresolved Daily Reminders.


    The Knitting Yarn software is very special then others


    Daily Reminders


    Keeping upto date with Job wise Vendors


    Payment Dues


    Payment Followups


    Data Export Tally ERP, Export to Microsoft Excel, XML, Text and etc.


Our Screen Shots of Knitting Software :-



Knitting Weaving Software Item Menu Screen


Item Master Screen

Yarn Weaving Software Purchase Data Entry Screen


Purchase Data Entry Screen

Knitting Software Data Processing Screen


Knitting Process Data Entry Screen

Knitting Software Records Screen


Knitting Records Screen

Yarn Weaving Software Purchase Records screen


Purchase Records Screen

Yarn Textile Software Delivery Challan Screen


Delivery Challan Screen

Yarn Software Main Reports Screen


Main Menu Reports Screen

Knitting Software Dye Report Screen


Dye Report Screen

Weaving Textile Software Print Screen


Delivery Challan Screen


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