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The Livestock Farming Software & Goat Management Software & Goat Breeding Software.




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The Salient Features of Livestock Management Software.


1. The Livestock management software or Goat Breeding Software is the raising and breeding of Domestic Goats.

2. The GOAT Farming software :- Goats are raised principally for their meat, milk, fibre and skin.

3. The Livestock Tracking software keeps records LIVE STOCK of each Goats in Weight Management.

4. The GOAT Breeding software displays records of LIVE STOCK of each performance in terms of Weight gain, Weight Loss, Weight Difference and etc

5. The GOAT Farming Software keeps maintain the Ageing of each LIVESTOCK and also maintains the types of Breeds Goats, i.e. BARABARA, SOJAAT, KHASSI, ANDU

6. The GOAT Farming software keeps maintain the Gender wise Female, Male.

8. The GOAT Management software keeps maintain [BOARDING], [INVENTORY LIVE STOCK], [FEEDING], [REJECTION OF DEATH], [MEDICINE]

9. The GOAT Farming software keeps maintain Menure in terms of KG and maintain Health wise Reports

10. The GOAT Farming software keeps maintain Inventory stock control like Foods and Feeds of Live stock

11. The GOAT Farming software keeps Purchase and Production of Goats.

12. The GOAT Farming software keeps Sales wise Goats.


The Livestock Management Software

The Goat Farming Sheep Chicken Live Stock Software

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