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The Salient Features of Mumbai Payroll Management Software, Salaryslip Software and Mumbai Payslip Software

    The Auto Payroll Software Manages the Administration Department of the Company The Web Based Payroll Management Software or On line tracks the Attendance Records, Salary details, Holidays, Leaves and Extra work of an Each Employee in the Organization. The Currency of the Payroll Software Management is in Indian rupees but can do with other currencies.


    The Payroll HR Attendence Software is an Auto software also be called auto Salaryslip software which calculated every aspect of monetary transaction which is well defined in the master of an employee.


    The Salary Slip Software or Payroll HR Management Software automatically calculates the salary from the masters, deductions of any leave from his attendance register.


    The working of the Mumbai Payslip software / Payroll HR Attendence Software is :-

    Before making the salary slip first make attendance entry for every employee.In masters of employees u will see bank accounts, name and address,this is useful for making payment through NEFT Banking on line payment. OT hrs is calculated per hour as against his Basic Salary in the employee payroll software.

    The Loan Entry of Payroll software is simple, just define the loan master and define the installment amount it will automatically deducted per month.In Masters there is OT Rate and under it has effective date, if u mention any employees name and mention any amt OT per day, it will automatically calculate OT Amount while making attendance.


    Extra days means like SUNDAYS & BANK HOLIDAYS worked on those days. Extra days and OT days are different. Extra days are calculated as per his attendance and OT rate is calculated as per defined OT rate masters or not then as per his attandance register.


    Sick Leave Days & Paid Leave Days is extra and it is calculated as per the days present in attendance register.


    We can customized payroll software as per your requirements.

    SOFTEASY Modules of Software



    Code, Name Address, Nominee Details, Date of Joining, Department, Designation View


    Basic Salary, Conveyance, HRA, Provident Fund, Travelling, Commission Allowance, Bonus, Ramzan IDD, Advance, ESIC and etc. View
    Salary Details Salary as per norms decide by the HRD at the time of Joining View
    Attendance Each Employee have Regular, Late, Half day Remark, Holiday, Leave, Overtime, Under work, etc View
    Loan Employee Code, Date of Loan, Surety, Amount of Loan, Tenure, Saanction, Date of Effective, No.of Installments View
    Advance Employee Code, Amount, Date of Advance, No.of Times View
    Bad Debts Loan / Advance against Employee if terminate
    Salary Slip Auto Generation Monthly View
    Salary Slip Printing Print Employee Slip View
    Employee Pass Book Salary Slip, Loans and Advances, Notes if any View
    Report Attendance, Late, Half Day, Overtime and etc View
    User Management User rights, Admin Rights
    Staff Welfare  


Main Menu Screen of Payroll HRD Management Software

Main Menu Screen of Payslip Software


Payroll HRD Attendance Software Salary Details Screen.

Payroll Attendance Employee Software Salary Details Screen.



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