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Telephone Diary Software Viveo



Telephone Diary Software Viveo


    The TELEPHONE DIARY SOFTWARE LABELS/ENVELOPES PRINTING SOFTWARE manages your contacts and put them in to different categories. It categorize your contacts in to the friends, Relatives, Facebook Friends, office staff etc.The phone diary Software is divided in to two parts one is comnpany and another is individual.Your all business as well as proffessional contacts will go under company and rests will go under individuals. In company one can get all the information of about the company its address,phone numbers as well as the staff working under that company, so in one screen you get the whole picture of that company.


    One can feed the birthdate of a person also and the software will remind and give pop for that birthday.This Contact diary software not only fulfill the purpose of Tel diary, but serves multipurpose.You can feed any information apart from the field specified in the naration field like your suppliers rate, your customers sales price etc.


    It has single and advanced search features which can give two or more than level reports.It searches from the naration fields too.There is a feature of email where you can mail and also do bulk mailing.The Telephone Diary software also supports Bulk Mailing, and Labels and Envelopes printing.The software can also connects to your EBAX systems phone lines of your company to record incoming and outgoing calls



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Home Tel Diary Directory Screen View

Two types of Contacts

Company & Individual View
Data Entry To feed name, Tel nos, Address of a company View
Main Menu Screen To select from the main menu Data Entry Search , Reports etc. View
Search To search any thing from the main menu eg companys name, tel nos etc View
Advanced Search To search multiple fields like Place and classifications. View
Notes (Brochure) Detail Notes of about the working of the software View

Paypal with Sahiwala Software Consultants The Telephone Diary – Cost $60. (Inclusive of All Taxes)







    Home Page of Telephone Diary Software Screen


Home Page of Telephone Diary Software


    Contact Diary Software Data Entry Screen


    Labels/Envelopes Printing Software Data Entry Screen



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