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The On Line Manufacturing Production / Material Management Software's features

The production software or procurement of raw materials software is mainly to control and track the records of the raw material as like Godown, Stores, Ware house etc.and even its companies own branches.The Online Manufacturing software connects all the departments which are concerned directly or indirectly to the procurement of the raw materials to its inspections and its locations.


The GRN software or Purchase order or Workflow raw material software is very vast and it depicts the minute and crucial flow of the raw materials and find the real place of it in the infrastructure of the company.The GRN Software is user friendly and Procurement of raw material software is readymade software and even it can be intensify to control more of the productions in its process.



Production Raw Material Tracking Software GRN Data Entry Screen

GRN Data Entry Screen Of Material Management Software.



The process of the workflow of Material Management software or Purchase Order and GRN Software starts from the requirement of the raw material from the stores departments. The control of the working takes place with the help of this software in terms of documents, receipts and challans within the department of an organization.So a Layman can also get the results about the working and to take control and to avoid wastage's during the process of procurement of the raw materials.


The working of the software goes like this :-


Material Indent is the first Doc issued by stores to Purchase Dept for ordering of the materials.Purchase Dept issues the PO and the Delivery note is prepared after receiving the goods in the godown, the person in the stores checks the goods physically and thereafter issues the delivery challans,. The delivery challan are prepared in three copies.one to get retained with him, the other to send to the purchase department to acknowledge the arrival of the goods and the third to the inspection departments for inspections.Then it is send to the laboratory for the inspections and GRN is prepared.


The Manufacturing Production Software can be free downloaded by placing the request for the same on our contact page




Screen Shots of Material Management Manufacturing ERP Software:


Purchase Order Tracking Software Main Menu Screen

Main menu Screen of Masters Highlighted

GRN Tracking Software Main Menu of Masters


Main Menu of Masters Seperate Screen

Material Management Software Equipment Data entry Screen


Equipment Master Data Entry Screen

Material Management Software Main Menu of Supplier


Main Menu of Supplier Screen

Purchase Order Software Supplier Data Entry Screen.


Supplier Data Entry Screen.

Main Menu Transactions of Production Software


Main Menu Transactions Screen Highlighted.

Main Menu Transactions Detail Screen of WorkFlow Raw Material Software


Main Menu Transactions Detail Screen

Material Indent Data Entry Screen of Work Flow Raw Material Software


Material Indent Data Entry Screen

Material Indent Print Out Screen of Production Software


Material Indent Print Out Screen

Purchase Order Data Entry Screen of Online Manufacturing Software


Purchase Order Data Entry Screen

Printing Purchase Order Screen of Online Manufacturing Software


Printing Purchase Order Screen.

GRN Note Data Entry Screen of GRN Tracking Software


GRN Note Data Entry Screen.

Printing GRN Note Screen of Purchase Order Management Software


Printing GRN Note Screen.

Delivery Note Print Out Screen of Material Indent Software.


Delivery Note Print Out Screen

Opening Stock Data Entry Screen of Material Management Software


Opening Stock Data Entry Screen.

daily_wages Management Software Main Menu Reports Consumption Data Entry


Consumption Data Entry Screen.

Main Menu Reports Screen of Material Indent Software.


Main Menu Reports-Screen

Reports Sub Menu Screen.


Reports Sub Menu Screen.






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