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Remote Desktop Connection Software



Remote Access WiFi software

Connect From Mobile to your PC

Your PC on your Mobile

 Remote desktop Connection Software


Do Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Tally Accounting, Printing, Emailing, Application Software,

just like the way you do on your PC.




if you are away from your Office


Raining Flooding


SOFTEASY Remote desktop



Stuck up in Traffic


SOFTEASY Remote desktop



SOFTEASY Remote desktop

then very Suprisingly you get a Call for Office Work to do Something on your PC and ofcourse that you do not want to Disturb the current situation.


We are Talented Discovery Engineers


Connect From Mobile to your PC with our Good Efforts with less amount of Money


SOFTEASY Remote desktop

 You need Internet from your Smart Phone Mobile i.e.

Andriod, IOS, Windows

SOFTEASY Remote desktop


Then you need to Dial to your PC which is also connected to Internet


SOFTEASY Remote desktop


and the rest then you can sit back and do the important work via Remotely.


Work and Save Time


SOFTEASY Remote desktop




Remote Access Wi Fi Software

Remote Access WiFi Software.


Our Charges for $ 63.60 /

INR 4,250 One time applicable


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