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The Tailoring and Fashion Designing Software Salient Features :-  


The Tailoring Software,Stitching Fashion Designing and Boutique software is suitable for the tailors and the fashion designers to help them to keep the database of their clients and their measurements styles and their references from them.


This Fashion Designing software creates good relationships and build the patronage to their customers by sending the latest designs and trends through e mails from our systems.The Tailor master software has the own customer data entry screen where one can feed the name, address and his correspondence address with his birth date. The sewing software reminds you on his birth date in the form of Pop up. So one can wished him directly from the system through e mailing him or over the phone calls.


The Tailor measurement software is ready made software and ready to use and can be build to be get more customized in the form of tracking customers payments and out standings.



Stitching Software Customer Master Data Entry Screen

Tailor Measurement Software Customer

Data Entry Screen

The Auto Tailoring and stitching software stores all the confidential data of the customers his measurements, styles and dress codes.


The Fashion accounting software is user friendly and supports all types of reports in the form of excel sheets.


The Tailoring and fashionable software prints the bill for the customers and reminds the delivery date of the garments on his due dates.




Clothing Boutique and Tailor Measurement Software Printout Screen


Print Bills Report Screen of Tailor Measurement Software





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For Indian Customers please make the payment by clicking the BUYNOW button mentioned below :-




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