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TThe Complete Transport Management Software with Freight and Parcel Logistics Tracking Invoicing Desktop Software

1. Make your LR (Consignment Entry) with Fast Printout (No Delay).

2. Challan Entry.for Driver's Copy at the time of Departure of Each Truck / Vehicle

3. Hire Freight Receipt in case of Hiring from Supplier

3. Monthly Billing (To Be Billed) to each Accounts (Consignor)

4. Cash Memo Entry and Printout for To Pay.

5. Computerized Printout for Billing./ Emailing / SMS / Whats App.

6. Monthly Report for LR, Challan (Drivers Copy), Freight Hire Slip and Monthly Billing.

7. Each Branch wise Accounting

8. Outstanding of Each Consignor wise Report

9. Multi Branch wise Accounting in one software via Semi On-line

10. E Way Bill No. for Transporters


The Daily Parcel Software Controls and Tracks your parcel and maintain and manage your Accounts of Each Consignment Note at the place of Booking the parcel whether it is

To Pay,

To Be Billed,

Paid Billty,




Master Main menu Screen of Dispatch Management Software

Main Menu Screen of Packing & Forwardng Transport Software


The Working of the Freight Management software is that the first is issuing the consignment note or LR at the time of Booking the Parcel to be send to the Consignee, after that the challan is prepared by mentioning the LR number in the challan against the consignment received.


Challan Data entry Screen Of daily Parcel Billing Accounting Software

Consignor Data entry Screen Of Logistics Software


Then Driver Hire Receipt is prepared after the payment made to the driver for the freight as against the Challan No for to get the delivery of the respected goods,where the quantity of the goods gets automatically gets mentioned by just entering the challan no.


After visiting the consignee place the branch office will make an unloading entry in thier register.The Accounts of the Driver, Consignor, Consignee, Freight Paid, Octroi Paid and other Sundry Expenses are maintained in this Daily Parcel Software.


The Transport Software is easy to use and user friendly. The Packing & Forwarding Software is an Auto Dispatch Management software in the sense the Transport software itself completes all repeated entries in the different vouchers by just giving the reference of the precedent vouchers or documents.


LR is the first Document then comes Delivery Challan by mentioning the LR Ref Number then come Hire Truck Receipt by mentioning the Challan Number. Afterwards Cash Memo the ref to be given in that of LR no and to be Billed Invoicing also one has to give the reference number of LR.


There are three types of Bills

Paid Billty (Paid by consignor at the time of booking.)
To be Billed (Paid by the consignor afterwards)
To Pay (Paid by the Consignee at the time of unloading.)


The Software takes in to account of our own vehicle for the drivers expenses to be born and the rented vehicles lump sum payment too.





Our Screen Shots of Parcel Booking and Packing and Forwarding Software:

main Menu of transport billing  Software

Main Menu Screen of Transport Software

LR Receipt Software


Main Menu Screen with LR (Consignment Receipt)

Challan Data Entry


Challan Data Entry Screen.

Lorry Hire Slip


Lorry Hire Slip Data Entry Screen

To Be Billed Software


To Be Billed Data Entry Screen

Cash Memo


Cash Memo Data Entry

Hire Slip Data entry Screen of Transport Billing Software.


Hire Slip Data entry Screen.

Main Menu of Transport Software with Bills Information highlighted


Main Menu with Bills Information highlighted.

Bills Data Entry Screen of Parcel Tracking Software.


Bills Printing Screen.

Main Menu Screen with Cash Memo highlighted of Dispatch management software


Main Menu Screen with Cash Memo highlighted

Cash Memo Data Entry Screen of


Cash Memo Data Entry Screen


Main Menu (Reports) Screen of parcel tracking software


Main Menu (Reports) Screen


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