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Available Softwares from INR 15,000

2) Glass Billing with Square Meter, Square Feet and Job work like Diamond Polish, Acid Polish
Tax Invoicing

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  • Warehousing Software
  • Warehousing Software

    For Warehousing on Rental, Per Item software
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  • Printing Software
  • Printing & Packaging Industry

    For Printing and Packaging, Job Work, Challan and Invoice
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  • Marriage / Banquet Booking Software
  • Marriage / Banquet Booking

    For Marriage / Banquet Hall Booking Software
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  • Free Tax Billing
  • Free !

    Free Billing with GST for Making and Print

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    Gas Tracking Software

    Gas Cylinder Tracking

    Company & Customer Cylinder, Gas Refilling Sales, Empty Receiving Tracking, Empty, Full Cylinder.

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    Goat Farming

    Goat Farm

    Inventory Live Stock, Feeding, Medicine Weight, Sales, Accounting etc

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    Pipes and Fittings

    CPVC Pipes N Fittings

    Inventory Stock Control Pipes in Meters and Qty, Purchase, Sales

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    Inventory Stock Control

    Quotation / Proforma

    Make Easy Quotation, Proforma and Email

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    Telephone Diary

    Corporate Trainingl

    We impart Training to Company & Individual Database Staff & Others for Technical support

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    Auto Inventory Two Wheller

    Two Wheeler Inventory Stock

    Inventory Stock Control, Purchase, Sales, Delivery, Receipt and Accounting and Balance Stock

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    Inventory Stock Control

    Inventory Stock

    Inventory Stock Control Software has been accepted by Charterd Accountants & Experts.

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    Inventory Stock Control

    Cheque Printing

    Put Your Company Logo and Punch only the Cheque No. and Ready to Print with Bank CTS 2010 Format.

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    Telephone Diary

    Bulk SMS / E Mail

    A to Z Directory, Company & Individual Database Staff & Relatives, Others Information.

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    Bar Code

    POS, Labels, Scanners, Printers, Coding, Billing, Inventory Read More »

    Employee Payroll

      Employee Paysheet, Auto Calculation, Basic Salary, HR, PF, ESIC, Leave & Others. Read More »

    College / School Fees

    School Fees Collection and Accounting Software under the Guidance of Experts & Management. Read More »

    Tax Invoicing Billing

    Tax Invoicing

    Print Tax Bills, Automatic Calculations of GST, Total Amount, Sales Register Reports.

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    Bank Pass Book

    Print Cheques, Print Deposits Slip formats, Maintain on line Balances, Manage all in one A/c.

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    Financial Accounts

    Book of Accounts, Cash Book, Bank Book, Debit Credit Principles, Ledgers, MIS Statements. Read More »

    Gymnasium / Fitness

    Entries Of Masters, Term Masters, Fees, Renewal Fees, Lockers, Rental Fees, Accessories. Read More »

    Footwear Inventory Software

    Footwear ERP

    Entries of Masters, Boxes, Pair of Shoes, Packing & Forwarding, Expenses & Billing.

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    Footwear Inventory Software

    Labour / Contract

    Employer Master, Types of Labor Daily Records, Rate Master, Wages Sheet, Attendence. Read More »

    Ready Mix Concrete

    Ready Mix Cement Concrete

    Customer Master Variations Site, Cement, Crush Sand Water Mixing Make and Print

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    Rent Invoice Software

    Rent / Tenants

    Tenant, Building, Receipts, Municipal Taxes, Water Bills, Repairs, Rights, Collectors. Read More »

    Footwear Inventory Software

    Costing / Tracking

    Costing of Raw Materials, Components, Finished Products, Labor / Service, Wastages. Read More »

    Footwear Inventory Software

    Material / Production

    Raw Materials, GRN, Stores, Inspections, Material Indent, Quality Control, Wastages. Read More »

    Remote Desktop Connection

    Your PC into your Mobile

    Where ever you are just do your work from your Mobile, Tab to your PC. Save Time in Transportation & Lockdown

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    Footwear Inventory Software

    Poultry Billing

    Storage, Nugs, Broilers, Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Weekly Billing, Ledgers, Reports.

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    Footwear Inventory Software

    Tailoring / Boutique

    Customer Gents / Ladies Measurement Master, Images, Designs, Trends, Billing & Accounts. Read More »

    Knitting Yarn Weaving Software

    Yarn, Knitting, Dyeing

    Yarn, Knitting, Dyeing, Purchase, Sales, Rolls, Cloth, Job Work, Reminders. Read More »

    Timber Plywood software

    PlyWood / Timber

    RFTS, SQFTS, SQMTRS, Calculations, Billing, Outstanding, Customers, Inventory, VAT. Read More »

    Paper / Board

    Bundles, Boards, Inward, Outward, Stock. Locations, Packets, Weights.
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    Custom Clearing

    Import, Export, Air, Sea, Road, Documents, Duty Drawback.
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    Marketing / CRM

    Inquiry, Follow Up, Correspondence, Sales Order, Leads, Reminders.
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    Automatic Backup.

    Outlook, Tally, Excel, Word, etc Backup Schedule, Manual Back up.
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    Milk Ghee / SMP

    Milk Purchase, Lab Testing, FAT, CLR, SNF, Billing and Inventory.
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    Real Estate

    Locations, Property, Budgets, Buyers, Sellers, Deals
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    Tally Integration

    Purchase, Sales, Receipts, Payments, Journals
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    Export Documentation

    Export / Shipping

    Proforma Invoice, Packing List, Work Order, Shipping Documents, Invoice.

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    Charitable Trust

    Charitable Trust Software

    Patient Master, Application Form, Reports

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    Paper Waste / Recycling

    Inventory Stock , Profit & Loss with Accounting
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